Parting Thoughts


V Bruce Hunt

I first met Michael when Adobe Ventures asked me to evaluate a little company up in Santa Rosa! Michael and his team had developed a superb product for organizing, storing, and viewing photos that eventually became Adobe Photoshop Album. The outstandingly talented team led by Michael made a transformative contribution to Digital Media Technology. The vision Michael pioneered opened the use of digital media to non-professionals.

Steve Tobak

I worked with Michael when he ran Microprocessor Report / Forum in the mid-90s. We often met for lunch in Sausalito — sort of midway between Sebastopol and my home — so I could brief him on events at our company, Cyrix. He was a formidable analyst — the most respected in the microprocessor business.

I’ll never forget showing up Sunday night for an annual conference in Pebble Beach, just prior to the microprocessor panel he moderated. Michael greeted me as my wife and I walked into the Inn at Spanish Bay, saying he hadn’t yet received my presentation. “Holly crap,” I said, half panicked. “I thought this was just a panel. I don’t have a pitch.”

Michael looked calmly down at me (he was practically a foot taller), put his hand on my shoulder, and said, “Don’t worry Steve, you don’t need one. You can do this in your sleep.” Encouraged, I jotted down some notes and ended up giving one of the most well-received speeches of my career.

Michael was always so genuine. So present. I’m not the least bit surprised he had the rare courage to share his experience with terminal cancer in a blog. He really was one of a kind. A great man who influenced so many. And he will always be remembered.

Rest in peace, Michael.


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