Parting Thoughts

I’m Still Standing

Posted 3 May 2016

Barney Saltzberg is one of my few very-long-time friends, going back to elementary school. He was a year ahead of me, so we didn’t share classes, but our parents were good friends, we lived a block apart, and Barney and I spent quite a bit of time together during those elementary school years.

Despite a love of Sonoma County, Barney and his wife Susan have yet to reach escape velocity from Los Angeles. We have kept in touch through the decades, and Barney has come to visit a couple times since my diagnosis.

In addition to being the author of several dozen children’s books, Barney is a musician and songwriter. Inspired by this post, Barney wrote this song for me! I think it is awesome. No song has ever made me cry so hard.


(If you are reading this in email, you will probably need to click through to the website to play the song.)

Here’s the lyrics:

Up in the morning
half past five
My heart’s still beating
Looks like i’m still alive

Looked in the mirror
Old guy’s looking back at me
Looks like my father’s here
He’s just in time for tea

I’m moving slower
Than I’d like to move
This old lawnmower
Still got the groove

I’m still standing here
I didn’t disappear
I know the end is near
Time makes it pretty clear
I still love you dear
You can drive, I’ll steer
Got no time to fear
I’m still standing here

I shake my head
A little disbelief
I’ve still got my bark
But I’ve lost my leaf

When did this happen?
I was cruisin’
I’m not a poker player
But this hand is loosin’

Strike up the band
I’ve got some time
Open the bottle
Poor me a glass of wine

Living each day like it’s my last
Wouldn’t mind a longer day, this one’s going fast

Keep a sense of humor
In your pocket
Cause time is zipping
Like a rocket

I’m feeling good
Just a little creaky
Like my legs are made of wood
I’m just a little squeaky

I’m not complaining
The sun is shining
It’s not raining
I’m not whining