My Cancer Story

Side Effects Fading Slowly — But Life is Good!

Posted 19 April 2016

It’s been longer than usual between posts about my cancer for a good reason: there hasn’t been much new to report.

When I had my last radiation treatment, I thought I had gotten off easy, with only very mild nausea and little tiredness. My worst day was the day after the last treatment, when both symptoms worsened, and they have been slow to improve.

The tiredness did not persist too long. My energy has been good for the past week or so, and I’ve been spending lots of time outside working in the garden.

The nausea has been more troublesome. It is not very intense, but it has been persistent; it is only slightly improved in the past week. With the help of assorted meds, I have been able to mostly ignore it, and I am eagerly awaiting its departure.

The nausea reminds me that I am still recovering from the radiation treatments, and it raises the question of whether there are going to be any long-term side effects. The intestines are one of the most radiation-sensitive organs, and mine got a good blast. Only time will tell.

Delighted to Be Here

These are minor issues compared with the simple and spectacular fact that I am here to write this!

I am coming up on six months since diagnosis. While I have been through a lot, I don’t feel any worse than I did at diagnosis.

In 10 days, I’ll get my next CT scan, and I’ll know how much the radiation shrunk the tumor, and if there are any developments outside the main tumor.

Regardless of what this shows, however, I don’t expect to receive any further treatment in the near term; there just isn’t anything compelling to do.

I am, of course, deeply saddened by my apparent fate. At the same time, I am genuinely enjoying being able to focus each day on doing whatever pleases me. It is oddly like being on an extended, stay-at-home vacation.

Next week, Irene and I will be taking our first vacation trip in almost six months. (Our last trip was to Mill Valley for the weekend, starting the afternoon of my diagnosis.) Feeling confident enough in my health to plan any kind of trip is something of a breakthrough.

We’re heading out to Inverness (on Pt. Reyes), where we are staying in a cottage. And Rio is coming along! This will be his first vacation, at least with us.



I’m so glad you are delighted to still be here. I feel exactly the same way. And I’m glad your radiation side effects are diminishing, however slowly. I wish I could be in Nicasio when you visit Inverness next week, but unfortunately I cannot. Nevertheless, I will be thinking of you and Irene enjoying the town of Inverness and the many possible drives and hikes into the National Seashore that are accessible from there.

Candice Schubert

Just read your latest post. I’m glad you are enjoying each and every day. We should all be doing that! Love Pt. Reyes and that you and Irene and Rio will be vacationing and relaxing there. Cowgirl Creamery, fresh oysters and lots of cows and wonderful Pacific Ocean air. Enjoy.

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