My Cancer Story

Welcome to the New, Unified Blog

Posted 26 March 2016

For the past 3 months, I’ve been writing two separate blogs, one public and one private.

Most of my writing has been about my cancer journey, and I’ve kept those posts private. A separate public blog has been relatively quiet.

I’ve now made everything public; what was the private blog is now the cancer story section of the website.

I had kept the cancer posts private because I wasn’t sure how exposed I wanted to be. My instinct is normally to be private. I had already broken through that barrier with all my friends who read the private blog, though, and I have felt driven to tell my story as it unfolds.

After several friends commented on how valuable my story could be to anyone dealing with cancer, I decided to open it up. This lets my friends share it with their friends, and it will inevitably read to much higher readership.

Readership has not been my goal, but the opportunity to be helpful to others with cancer and their friends and families, even in some small way, does motivate me.

Privacy and Openness

There is a deep-seated privacy focus in medicine, and this is as it should be; I don’t want the doctors or the institutions releasing my results except when needed.

I have decided, however, that I lose nothing by choosing to expose my medical details. I hope you and others gain something from reading my story. I welcome your feedback.